Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Thanks for stopping by

Sorry I haven't been able to get any new masks or templates done lately.
Since my fiance's computer crapped out on him I have been sharing mine so
I am lucky if I can get into my forums on a daily basis.
but I did want to let you know as soon as I am able and find some "just psp time"
I will get more masks and templates posted. I have been running some ideas 
through my mind on textures, papers and overlays but I am not quite sure yet
as I really don't know what people look for when it comes to that sort of thing,
and the fact I would again be stepping out into an unknown.. Once I find a comfort zone
I have a hard time with experimenting with something new. Who knows maybe in a 
few weeks time eh?! 

In the mean time Dave and I have a new addition to our furbaby family,
she is about 7 weeks old and she came from a litter of wild kitties we have
in the backyard. She is just adorable and our baby Roxy has taken to her quite so..
but then Roxy is still a kitten herself since she isn't quite a year old yet..
We call her the babysitter as quite frankly she will sit on her and they play like that lol.
Quite the funniest thing actually..

I am now counting down the days
for our trip to Washington to be with my daughter and family, while my 4th grandbaby
and second granddaughter is born.  My daughter has 9 weeks to go!! I am so excited!!
the drive up there should be quite pleasant even if it will be a long one..
Well that is about the only news I have at the moment. 
I wish you all well and may you have a wonderful day ♥

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